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City Skyline, Inc. leads the industry in liquid waterproofing, roofing and other large-scale commercial projects. Serving the tri-state area, City Skyline, Inc. is the fastest growing company in the waterproofing industry.

Our array of expertise includes servicing residential, commercial and educational institutions, churches, plazas, submerged structures, and also special projects: shower pans, fountain waterproofing, planters, foundations, and confined spaces such as detention tanks.

Our clients rely on the long-lasting waterproofing applications and expect outstanding results, and their investment is backed by the extended warranty, which ensures performance and reliability over 25 to 30 years. Moreover, City Skyline, Inc. offers our customers significant savings by recovering existing roofs and avoiding very costly asbestos removal.

City Skyline, Inc. was founded by Arek Kwapinski who, with over 20 years of expertise in the waterproofing and roofing industry, has set an unparalleled standard of professionalism and dedication to quality and value for our clients. This standard is shared by all of our employees, who attend world-class educational conventions and receive up-to-date training. As a result, our office and field staff can meet and surpass your expectations on any project.

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