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Educational Institutions

Safety is of our upmost importance especially when it comes to children. We provide Liquid application which is odor-free and solvent free high performance seamless and self-terminating cold fluid-applied reinforced polyurethane membrane system for exterior and interior application.


Our Company is well diverse! With the installation of new membrane with alkalinity protection City Skyline Inc., we have the ability to range outside just roofs and go as far as innovating your bathrooms. This allows greater durability and the ability to be a great money saver.


Working throughout the beautiful 5 boroughs, City Skyline Inc., has had the opportunities to work from single family homes in the Brooklyn, Bronx all the way to the high rise buildings in Manhattan.

Green Roofs

As environmentalist, a step in the right direction is what everyone should work and strive towards, with this comes the newly innovated Green Roofs. A friendly task and start to help us GO GREEN!


No task is to hard when it comes to City Skyline Inc. We have learned over the years to even make Commercial project a task at ease.

Garages / Parking Deck

Providing them bigger and even better! Our garages allow even 18 wheelers to drive in, though, and out with great safety and ease.


Our services have previously and will in the future accommodate the needs of the Catholic Churches of the Archdioceses.


With our services we are able to experience the rich history of one of the largest and most prominent Jewish congregations.

New Construction

We are proud to offer our services to new construction projects all over New York City.

Confined Space / Detention tank

City Skyline Inc team is experienced to work in the Permit Required Confined Space, as well as fully trained in identifying hazards in confined space, testing and monitoring the atmosphere, setting up a permit policy, as well as rescuing and responding to any emergency situation.